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The most durable sieve screen ever made

Posted: 27 June 2019

LARSSON and Dutch supplier VECO B.V. are proudly presenting a new and innovative durable sieve screen technology. The design is improved by making the sieves screen from a thicker stainless steel sheet, which results in a more durable, cost-efficient and hygienic sieve screen.

LARSSON are happy to have an exclusivity agreement with VECO B.V where we will be the only supplier to the starch industry with this unique hole geometry, which previously could not be made in such thick screen. The new and high efficient sieve screen technology will be available in all of LARSSONs new machines.

“What we have created together with our long-time partner customer LARSSON can make a real and lasting impact on the market. Together we strive for an industry that believes in long-lasting relationships and the value of high performance and professionalism” says Brian Adelerhof, Business Development Manager at VECO B.V.


Please read more on VECO B.V web page and please contact us at LARSSON if any questions.