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New range of Rotary drum vacuum filter

Posted: 8 February 2017

LARSSON offers a new range of rotary drum vacuum filters with particular emphasis on hygiene and easy maintenance.

The features of the new design:
– easy to clean;
– minimal operator attention needed;
– advanced cutting knife;
– low maintenance costs.

The operator attention is reduced to a minimum due to the combination of hygienic design with highest automation level.
The cleaning system includes a high-pressure nozzle ramp, going back and forth in order to thoroughly clean the drum.
To clean the front of the vacuum filter, the guard plate can be folded down in the way to protect the screw conveyor against spray water and insure the safety of the operator.

The cutting knife movement is designed to prolong the cycle time of the drum. At each cut the surface of the outer starch top layer is refreshed, resulting in a high capacity of the filter. This movement can be programmed or performed manually at the filter by the operator.

Maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum:
– The electrically driven agitator is designed without rotation joints;
– The vacuum seal of the drum consists of a simple O-ring;
– Nozzle ramp is driven by an electrical cylinder.

The new range vacuum filters are sized from 16 up to 34 m2 drum surface.

For more information, please contact LARSSON personel by sending a message in contact form under “Contact”.