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LARSSON remains strong as a market leader

Posted: 10 July 2019

The financial statements for G. Larsson Starch Technology AB are now finished in time for the holiday, CFO Erik Nilsson presented the result of the previous fiscal year for the management team and employees.

We concluded that this fiscal year 2018/2019 for G. Larsson Starch Technology is not only a record year for turn-over, but also a record in the number of ongoing and delivered project, says Erik Nilsson.

Together with COO and owner Mrs. Eva Larsson, we look back on the previous fiscal year with excitement and see it as a milestone in the company’s history.

Erik continues; that for 2018/2019, we noted the highest turnover ever in the history of G. Larsson Starch Technology AB. EBIT is also the highest we ever had. Eva highlighted that our employees are of a high caliber, hardworking, passionate and committed to their ever day work at LARSSON’s.

The record year is due to large starch line sales which is our core business. The global starch world keeps showing significant growth. The industry is becoming more and more demanding (efficiency, hygiene, circular), which complements our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, not only increasing growth and strengthening our dominant position in Europe and the Far East but also expanding in other continents also.

At our base in Sweden we have been working internally on many improvements, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of our own operations and supply chain. Re-investing the earnings of today into an even better proposition to our markets and valued customers tomorrow.

Jonathan Swift said, “A wise person should have money in their head but not in their heart”. Therefore, at LARSSON we will not lean back and relax. The high quality of the 2018/2019 results is boosting our intrinsic motivation. In the spirit of more than 70-year Larsson history, we will continue our mission of bringing satisfaction and added value to the market. Because we truly believe, along our own professionalism and good results, it is first our loyal global customer base making us stronger year by year.