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Keep calm and write on!

Posted: 18 June 2019

LARSSON operates in an exciting and ever-current industry and we encourage innovation which makes a difference both within the company and in society. We think our responsibility is to support different types of projects to promote society and contribute to it being improved.

Issam Alibrahim and Hussam Restum are two students from Kristianstad University who study master program with specialization International Business and Marketing. Currently, they are writing their master thesis about “How manufacturing companies provide services to their customers” and how can these services contribute to the company’s competitive advantage in the market.

We always like new perspectives and to be challenged. LARSSON being at the age of +70 years, we still learn every day from customer, suppliers etc. When we work with students who are doing master theses we start from a business need. If the subject is useful and relevant to us, it also facilitates the study – a Win Win!

“It was awesome that our thesis is about LARSSON and having the opportunity to involve your innovative company and to meet you and your professional fellow managers. We appreciate your great support and collaboration” says both Issam and Hussam.

We wish them all the best with finalizing their thesis and look forward to reading their analysis and conclusions!


Between Issam and Hussam in the picture you also see Magnus Larsson CBDO, Chief Business Development Officer at LARSSON.