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Did you know that LARSSON™ can create great value of the wastewater in the potato processing industry?

Posted: 20 August 2021

Starch Recovery Systems

When potatoes are processed into French fries and crisps, starch is released into the process water. By using our state-of-the-art starch recovery equipment, LARSSON™ can maximize the recovery of starch during the process.

In a time when environmental and sustainable issues are in focus and production industry needs to reduce their emissions and optimize use of natural resources, LARSSON™, renowned for its low water- & energy consumption, as well as high yield, have the solution.

With our starch recovery system, we separate the starch from the potato cutting water and flume water, resulting in a remarkable reduction of freshwater consumption, considerable reduction of costs of wastewater treatment, as well as a more efficient production process, as the time for cleaning will be reduced significantly. Not to mention the added value of the recovered starch. Ending in an optimization of the production process and keeping CAPEX and OPEX at an absolute minimum for the potato processing industry customers.

We have acquired a huge amount of experience in the field after delivering several projects to both global and regional key players in recent years and nowadays positioning ourselves as a leading supplier of starch recovery systems. This is of course very positive, but our ambition is constantly to improve, develop and helping our existing, as well as future customers. Exciting to see what the future has to offer.

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