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After a challenging pandemic year, order intake is boosting again

Posted: 6 May 2021

We are once again running at full capacity with our present projects and with many new projects on the order book, it should be an eventful and busy year for us, it’s nice to be back to normal. As a global leading actor with a strong network of branches and agents in key countries close to our esteemed customer base, we put great pride in having our local production facility here in Bromölla, Sweden. Supporting our local community, this also gives us total control over the high quality which we demand from our employees and our customers expect, also allowing a tight collaboration between engineers and workshop.

“We have a well-trained and competent team of welders and assemblers which enables us together with high grade products and competent engineering team to produce high end, well developed machines which are sold around the globe, enabling us to keep our market position at the forefront of development within our own unique products helping us to maintain the world leading reputation that LARSSON has.”

– Neil Ratheram, Chief Production Manager


It has been a challenging year not only for LARSSON™, but for most parts of the world. Us being a family company though, has been a great advantage.

“At LARSSON, we are like a family. This has been a huge help and strength during this strange year. I am very proud of our teams both in the workshop and in the office. With great commitment, heart and passion, we have managed to come through this together. We are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with customers resuming postponed investment projects, with many new orders coming in and with the vaccines around the corner. I am confident, with the lessons learned from the pandemic, we will be able to work with even more power on our ambitious goals and strategy. Certainly, a positive development for our base in Bromölla. But above all, for all those worldwide customers for whom we want to make a difference every day.”

– Jörgen Larsson, CEO


Very positive indeed.

And as always, stay tuned for more exciting news to come!