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Larsson China


Larsson China

After some very successful projects in China 2004-2005, LARSSON decided to build up a stronger position in Asia. Therefore LARSSON registered a Rep. office in China in August 2007. Later on, in October 2011, our office in China became registered as a subsidiary company – Larsson Starch Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. The office is located in Guangzhou, Panyu District.

“The fact that we are represented near the customer with our own office increases credibility and confidence. We want to provide a high level of service to our customers,” says LARSSON CEO Jörgen Larsson.
“Our rapid expansion has involved extensive restructuring, but we adapt at the pace demanded by our customers and are continuously searching for new solutions.”

Our Chinese office works close to head office in Sweden to offer the customers quick support and maintenance, both with new requests and for the after sale market.

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Han Xinliang
Office and Area Manager, China
+86 020 89202195