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Larsson Brasil


Larsson Brasil

The company’s journey into the starch-processing sector started nearly 70 years ago! It’s safe to say that LARSSON is a true pioneer in the industry.

Having established a strong presence in Europe and Asia, Latin America was a natural progression for LARSSON. LARSSON intends to bring its unique international experience in the tapioca industry to a larger customer base in Latin America. But not only, there are also great opportunities for other agricultural products such as soya, corn and rice.

LARSSON Brasil Ltda., a company registered in Paraná and fully owned by LARSSON in Sweden, was established in order to better serve the Latin American market. LARSSON’s Brazilian products will be produced and assembled in Brazil, only a few special parts will come from LARSSON’s Swedish workshop, eliminating the need to pay high-level import duties which were often seen as a barrier to enter the market. LARSSON Brasil’s office is a local point of contact for the entire Latin American market providing sales and customer service.

LARSSON’s implementation of a fully operational tapioca starch processing plant in Paraguay, CODIPSA IV, (watch the video below) is a great success story and LARSSON Brasil hopes to be able to do the same for other companies in Brazil and beyond. The high levels of efficiency provided by LARSSON’s technology, both in terms of generated yield and reduced running costs (energy and water savings) is something unmatched by the local market. LARSSON believes that the higher quality of our equipment will have a strong impact on the market.

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