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Our history

How it began

In the end of the 1940s, Jörgens father, Gösta Larsson, had become engaged in his father, Erik Larsson, work. An education at technical college and some clever inventions resulted in several patents of his own for starch machines.

After his military service Gösta wanted to work in the starch industry, but his father advised him against it:
“He said it was a tough trade and that I ought to leave it alone. With 300 Swedish Krona as my only capital, a bank loan as out of the question, I decided to make a go of it anyway and to start up the company again. The focus was on repairs, joinery and concreting. It was a tough time and you had to cut your coat according to your cloth,” Gösta Larsson remember.

In 1950, he built his own workshop and also began manufacturing his own machines. At that time production was generally on a small-scale and there were over 140 starch factories in Sweden.
“But today there are only a few large factories left. After 1950, a lot of work went into building small factories into bigger ones,” Gösta explains.

The actual processes were also developed and it was Gösta who led this work, with his position becoming more consolidated both in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. It became more and more difficult for their competitors.
“We had got off to a good start. Our products were more developed and adapted and today as is well known we are a world leader and we don’t intend to relinquish this position,” Gösta said.
The experiences of the past are still useful in the company’s strategies.
“It is very satisfying to see how the company continues to develop. The starch industry is a small sector in every country and it has been very exciting as a small player to become established and battle with the giants on the international arena. We have been successful!”

In September 2018, LARSSON celebrated its 70th anniversary with different events. Participants from 16 different countries honored our 70th anniversary and we round off with an anniversary dinner at Bäckaskog Castle at the last evening.

LARSSON’s 70-year history is summarized in a special edition of LARSSON Magazine, click on the image below to read the digital version.