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Whirl Flash™ Dryer

LARSSON Whirl Flash™

Gentle Drying – High Efficiency the LARSSON Whirl Flash™ dryer is specially designed for continuous drying of filter cakes, slurries, pasteous and fibrous products. Unlike other comparable dryer types on the market the LARSSON Whirl Flash™ dryer is ideal for inorganic chemicals and even more difficult products, such as plant-based and meat proteins, which can be successfully dried in the LARSSON Whirl Flash™ dryer.

Backmixing is rarely needed. Experience has shown significant energy savings when using the LARSSON Whirl Flash™ dryer. The instant drying of the product considerably reduces the products heat degradation. This effect allows to use significantly higher process temperature resulting in smaller dryer geometry (less investment) and reduced energy consumption. The feed buffer is placed on load cells to enable an accurate feeding of the product in accordance with the dryer’s current capacity.

The entire drying process is fully automated. As shown in the right hand picture the Whirl Flash™ dryer can handle feed with higher moisture content in comparison with commonly used flash dryers.