LarssonSweden Today

LarssonSweden was founded in 1948 and is today a leading manufacturer of process equipment for the starch industry. LarssonSweden has built up a substantial bank of expertise that covers the entire starch process in different adaptations for several starch sources. LarssonSweden patents and LarssonSweden machines, equipment and expertise have opened the doors to an expansive export all over the world.


Our manufacturing plant is located together with our head office in Bromölla in southern Sweden. LarssonSweden has since august 2007 a trading company, located in Guangzhou and since 2009 a Rep. Office in Belarus, located in Minsk.


Through a network of specialized sub-contractors and partners in different areas, LarssonSweden offers efficient solutions and extensive delivery capacity.


LarssonSweden is an independent company, wholly-owned by the Larsson family.

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